You are who you are. lesbian or gay. and equal. and proud.
Pride 2000
The organisation

2000 Pride Parade and Mardi Gras

PRIDE 2000 aims to ensure that the Pride Event is inclusive and representative of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community as a whole, plus their extended families and close friends. So, anyone and everyone is more than welcome to attend this year's event. Please bring your non-gay friends and family as well - everyone is welcome to celebrate PRIDE with us. The motto is In The Name Of Love.

PRIDE 2000 will take the form of a Parade through the streets followed by a massive after-party. These events will be a major celebration, but (as already stated) will generate income for the two major projects that this year's event will support.

In 2000, PRIDE will launch two chapters of PRIDE, one in Johannesburg and one in Cape Town, to be run one week apart, in order to capitalise on the exposure given to PRIDE issues, as well as realising our goal of putting PRIDE firmly on the tourism map as the biggest annual party on African soil.

The Parade has been envisaged to start and end at the Helpmekaar Private School (in Johannesburg), and the giant Mardi Gras will be held at the "Heartland" in Johannesburg, and in the gay village on Somerset Street in Green Point in Cape Town.


The 11th Annual PRIDE Parade and Second Mardi Gras (PRIDE 2000) will take place on Saturday, the 28th of October 2000.

Cape Town:

The date chosen for the Cape Town Chapter is to be the weekend after the Johannesburg chapter, namely Saturday the 4th of November 2000.
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