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Pride 2000
The organisation

Pride constitution
6. Policies

The policies of the organisation must be in line with the objective of making the Pride Committee non-discriminatory in accordance with Chapter 2, Section 9 (3) & (4) of Act 108 of 1996 (The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa), or on the basis of financial standing.

6.1 Purpose of policies

Such policies shall strive to:

Ensure equal access and equality of all benefits and privileges granted to the Pride Committee.

Establish formal "diversity" recognition in the form of Unity Through Diversity.

Effectuate policies of active outreach aimed at the inclusion of all sectors of the LGBT community.

Ensure that all objectives, shared values and policies of the Pride Committee are in writing, are clear, consistent, accessible and well publicised throughout the Pride Committee.

Ensure that, when engaging in joint projects, outreach and procurement activities, corporation, public agencies, and government, religious and community agencies and institutions have official written policies against discrimination based on sexual and gender orientation.

6.2 Implementation of policies

In an attempt to ensure the implementation of such policies, the Pride Committee shall strive to:

Provide official recognition, support and funding of LGBT events, such as the Annual Pride Event.

Ensure physically safe, secure and appropriate space with a welcoming, emotionally safe atmosphere for LGBT Committee members for meetings, social events, workshops and other activities.

Disseminate strong, clear, public statements on a regular basis that state the Committees commitment to ending discrimination, its conviction that violence and harassment are entirely unacceptable, and its appreciation of the value of diversity, including the diversity of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Ensure that the Pride Committee’s social activities, and organisations must be not only inclusive of all sexual and gender orientations and identities, without pressures towards heterosexuality, but actively welcoming of LGBT people as well as same-sex couples.

Assess Committee Members opinions regularly, by means of the Board of Trustees or through the Committee’s diversity programme, or in some other effective manner, in order to gauge the effectiveness of the implemented changes.

Ensure that the relevant organisation and or media include and provide adequate and fair coverage of Pride Committee’s issues and activities.

Consider, in creating internship opportunities, outreach among LGBT owned businesses and LGBT activist and community service organisations.

Ensure that the diversity within the LGBT community is recognised and affirmed

Ensure that all events and/or projects held in and sanctioned by the Pride Committee serve the community and not exploit the community.

Include the location and availability of resources of value to Pride Committee members, by means of publication and facilitation.

Align with LGBT organisations in developing ongoing diversity and integration programme.

Policies and procedures are attached to Addendum 2.

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