You are who you are. lesbian or gay. and equal. and proud.
Pride 2000
The organisation

Pride constitution
Launch of the Mardi Gras

The Pride committee has embarked on a ten year plan to create an African Pride that shall be the equivalent of Mardi Gras around the world and become part of the lesbian and gay tourist itinerary. The event is the combination of the Pride Carnival and Pride After Party.

The Pride Committee has taken the decision to move away from the concept of tendering out the After party to a production house based on the following reasons:

A single production house is unable to successfully cater for the diversity of tastes within the community.

To involve the community by inviting all interested parties to create an event that will cater to all tastes.

To increase the attendance of the community to the events occurring after the parade.

Benefit of the Mardi Gras

This event is aimed at uniting the community by inviting all lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender organisations, bars, clubs and businesses to participate in hosting the event.

The event shall be more inclusive and provide the opportunity for more people to attend the entire event.

The event is more affordable for the general lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

Potential for the Mardi Gras

The Pride Committee has committed to the Johannesburg Metropolitan Council to assist in the up-liftment of the Newtown Precinct. This partnership will be strengthened through building partnerships with the tourist organisations.

The event has growth potential to become a tourist attraction for South Africa.

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