You are who you are. lesbian or gay. and equal. and proud.
Pride 2000
The organisation

Pride constitution
Election Procedures

The following procedures shall be followed when electing a new Organising Committee.

  1. Previous Committee’s co-chairs are to convene the election of the following Organising Committee.

  2. All interested parties should be invited to the meeting through means of advertisements in local and/or national press.

  3. Candidates must be nominated by a member attending the election meeting.

  4. These candidates must be seconded by a member attending the election meeting.

  5. Nominees need to verbally accept nominations. Each nominee has the right to decline such nominations.

  6. Each candidate must commit themselves to upholding and fulfilling the principles, policies and requirements as stipulated in the constitution.

  7. Each candidate shall be given a brief opportunity to motivate their nomination.

  8. Voting will be by secret ballot where each person at the election meeting will have one vote.

  9. The candidate with the majority vote will take up the position s/he was elected into.

  10. If the nominated candidate is not contested s/he will be considered duly elected.

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