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Disciplinary Procedures

1. Grievances

The following may form grounds for the co-chairpersons or another committee member to lodge a formal grievance against another member of the pride committee:

Any member of the committee who feels they are being un-fairly discriminated against on any basis as laid down in Chapter 4.2

Any Committee member who has a grievance against anyone on the committee has the right to lodge a formal complaint with the Committee.

Any member of the committee who does not work within their mandate as laid down in their job description and by doing so brings Pride into disrepute.

2. Disciplinary Procedures

The disciplinary procedures are outlined below:

Complaints must be in writing and should clearly state the nature and extent.

Grievances shall be submitted to the to the Board of Trustees through the co-chairs of the Organising Committee

The person against whom the complaint is lodged (the defendant) shall receive a copy of the complaint along with a request from the Board of Trustees to respond to the complaint within two weeks of the defendant receiving the request.

Once the Board of Trustees received a response from the defendant, they shall convene an independent disciplinary enquiry with the complainant and the defendant in order to resolve the conflict.

Should the defendant not attend this meeting or refuse to respond within the set period of time, the Board of Trustees shall decide the matter.

The disciplinary inquiry shall make their recommendations based on the evidence and testimonies given during the procedure. This shall be done in writing.

Both parties shall follow the recommendations of the disciplinary inquiry.

The decision of the disciplinary inquiry may be appealed to the Board of Trustees.

Parties who fail to follow the recommendations of the disciplinary inquiry and/or the board, forfeit their position on all Pride structures.

3. Other procedures

Although it is understood that the organising committee works with volunteers such volunteers commit themselves to help in achieving the aims and goals of Pride by fulfilling certain roles for the committee. Where committee members fail to comply, but the consequences of such failure are not as server as to initiate the disciplinary procedures as outlined above, it is important for committee members to realise they are accountable to the committee.

Where committee members fail to comply with or meet their mandates the said member shall receive a formal written warning from the co-chairpersons of the Organising Committee.

Where necessary the co-chairpersons shall convene meetings with individual members of the committee to discuss the failure to fulfil mandates.

Where committee members continue to fail to meet mandates or act upon recommendations discussed in meetings with the co-chairpersons, the co-chairpersons have the right ask for the resignation of the said committee member and / or to initiate formal disciplinary procedures as outlined above.

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