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Pride 2000
The organisation

Pride constitution
Procedures for meetings

Realising that meetings may require different approaches the following shall serve as a guide line for meetings.

  1. Meetings shall be convened and facilitated by the co-chairs and or the facilitators of commissions.

  2. Members of the Committee who are unable to attend the meeting need to inform the co-chairs of the reasons for their absence and apologise for such absence in advance, except in exceptional cases.

  3. All proceedings of the meetings shall be recorded by an official minute keeper.

  4. The minutes of the previous meeting shall be adopted once corrections have been made.

  5. Reports back need to be submitted in writing.

  6. During discussions around aspects of the organising the following shall be adhered to:

    Remarks to be directed through the facilitators.

    If decisions have already been taken by a quorum discussion can not be entered into again.

    Discussions should be aimed at coming to a consensus around issues.

  7. Once discussions have ended a resolution shall be drafted and recorded.

  8. All resolutions shall be proposed and seconded by members attending the meeting.

  9. Any resolution drafted by the Organising Committee shall be passed by voting procedures. A majority (50 + 1) shall ensure that the resolution is passed. A quorum of the committee needs to be present when such resolutions are passed.

  10. Before the meeting is adjourned the date for the next meeting shall be set.

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