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Pride 2000
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Bronx Bomb Blast
August 21, 2000.

PRIDE deplores the bomb blast outside the Bronx Bar in Greenpoint, Cape Town on the weekend. The apparent campaign of violence and terror being waged against the gay community is regrettable not only because it destroys people's lives, but also because it impacts negatively on our ability to attract foreign tourists to the country.

We appeal to Hennie Bester and the local law enforcement agencies to step up their efforts to apprehend the perpetrators of these hate crimes and to further set up a task force with the co-operation of the local gay community and business forum to protect the area in question.

PRIDE will celebrate lesbian and gay rights in Cape Town on the 4th of November this year - a first for Cape Town - and we sincerely hope that the community will be able to realise this goal and to celebrate their diversity in an atmosphere of safety and security. PRIDE wishes the queer community of Cape Town well and hopes that the persecution of lesbian and gay people will cease.

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